OKC Over the Edge is a fun and daring fundraising event for Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity happening October 7, 2017!  Over the Edge is a unique opportunity for individuals and organizations to raise money and support Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity and the families they serve by rappelling off the 16th story of the Leadership Square building in downtown OKC.  The goal of raising $180,000 will go towards building homes for limited income families in our local community while challenging yourself to an experience of a life time.

Courage with a Cause:  
Families like these have been dreaming of a home of their own but they had barriers that they needed a hand-up to overcome.  With the help of generous people who will be dropping over the edge, these families, and many more, can finally purchase an affordable home in a decent neighborhood.   THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Nate and Danielle have never lived in a home they owned, not as children or as adults with their own kids.  "My family never owned a home growing up", Nate said, "It was a struggle and a challenge for me; my family moved every three to four years. It was very stressful growing up, changing schools.  For me (a home) it's my families stability/ the dream and desire I've had for them to grow up in a good community".

Kayla and her 7 year old daughter have been renting apartments for over 6 years. "Being able to put money towards a house that my daughter and I can call our own would be most ideal", said Kayla, "and for my daughter to have a yard she can play in would be excellent!”


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